PowerApps QuickBits – Radio Button Reset Solution

PowerApps – Clearing a currently selected Radio Button

Welcome all, to the first installment of Powerapps QuickBits, where we talk about radio button tricks! These posts will be short snippets and tutorials on useful implementations in PowerApps. Let’s get started!

Step 1 – PowerApps Layout

Radio button layout

Nice, quick and easy setup. Add your radio button and set it’s items to whatever you’d like the options to be.

Step 2 – Radio Button Properties

There’s two different properties we need to manipulate for this to work:

  • OnSelect
  • OnChange

Set your OnChange property to:

Set(currentValue, Radio1.Selected.Value)

Set your OnSelect property to:

If(currentValue = Radio1.Selected.Value, Reset(Radio1), false)

So, quick breadown!

On the radio button changing, it will set the variable currentValue to whatever you’ve selected.

When you select something on the radio button control, it checks to see if what you’ve selected is the same as it currently is.

If so, this will reset the radio button, clearing your choice.

And that’s it! Thanks for reading the first installment of PowerApps QuickBits, stay tuned for more.

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